positive dog training


Welcome to The Speaking Dog Training Company (SDTC), where my goals are centered around designing quality training services that encourage a lifetime of happy, healthy relationships for dogs and their humans!

A strong relationship is built on trust and communication. Understanding how dogs communicate is the cornerstone behind everything done at Speaking Dog. My emphasis is on recognizing what motivates dogs, why they “do what they do”, and what we are truly saying to them through our actions.

Providing my canine and human clients with proven, reward-based methods that are solely gentle and positive by nature is my goal. Through easy to follow techniques, fun training exercises, “real life” scenarios, and an encouraging environment for all, I’ll show you how training can be easily integrated into your life; not only being an enjoyable activity, but how it can truly strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Welcome to the Speaking Dog Training Company…. a truly “pawsitive” place to be!