Positive Dog Training

Training Philosophies

The Speaking Dog Training Co.’s philosophies and methods stem from pairing the right combination of proven, science based methods with an understanding of how dogs communicate.  I believe very strongly in teaching our dog and human clients through fun and enjoyable training activities; making it not only easy to understand but also easy to integrate into your daily life. Solely force-free methods are used in all training programs ensuring dogs are eager to learn and perform. Every dog learns at his own pace so we adjust our training activities accordingly to ensure we set everyone up for success!

Training happens over a lifetime and doesn’t end when a training class is over. Since the SDTC mission is to provide the highest quality training services to my clients for a lifetime, my services also don’t stop when the class is over.  I offer SDTC clients continuous service and support when they need it. Through solving training problems, troubleshooting, or providing resources and information, I help however I can. And everyone is always welcome back for refresher courses or advanced classes to further hone and advance your skills.

As an active member of both the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Pet Professionals Guild (PPG), I ONLY advocate and employ force-free training methods. I don’t condone or promote any methods that use intimidation or force in their practice.