Positive Dog Training


What some of our clients are saying about our Training Programs.

“Jamie, Thank you so much for your help and guidance in training Oliver. When we started training with you a few months ago I was ready to pull my hair out! Now I feel like I have a better handle on how to teach Oliver good behaviors. I see him maturing and learning more each week. He has also had a great time making new doggie friends! I’m sure we’ll be back for more training and tips as we work on things. Maybe when he’s a little older we can try for the Canine Good Citizen certification! Thanks for your patience and advice, we had a great time!”                                                                        —Kathryn L. w/Oliver

“We really liked Jamie’s obvious love for what she does, her focus on Gussie, patience with answering questions, and willingness to work with clients. The time in class sped by. Each class was enjoyable and we are so pleased with Gussie’s progress.”
— Judy C. w/Gussie

“I met Jamie during a sad transitional time in our lives due to the death of my father in law. Our GSD, Lonna was only 9 months and I had been training her for months and on my 3rd class with her.  Everything was interrupted and she had to spend time in a kennel, Vixen Hall.   I learned about the trainer working there and readily contacted her and we talked about what was going on.   When I met Jamie Shellington, I felt immediately at ease!  I was drawn in by her low-key mannerisms, professionalism, enthusiasm, her love of dogs, and her assurance she was there for Lonna and I in all ways possible.  I could feel Jamie’s passion and devotion for the dog training world,  while being so humble in her education to become a licensed and certified dog trainer and beginning her own business; Speaking Dog Training Co., LLC.

Jamie spent a lot of time getting to know what makes Lonna tick! She let Lonna take her time sniffing out the bright training room that was filled with fun dog toys and equipment!  She also helped me learn about trainable moments, clicker training, referred me to read specific books, and sent me countless emails about our sessions, with links to view with examples as well as videos to watch.  I knew Jamie’s focus on a positive approach to train Lonna would lead her to be a successful confident dog. 

Jamie constructed a plan for Lonna and I that would build from one secure behavior to the next.  Sometimes Jamie would come to my home for private lesson; some lessons involved her dog Joey, as a mentor for Lonna.  Other training lessons were outside at Vixen Hall, just taking a walk with Jamie (and Joey too!) as she guided/taught me more specific training techniques. 

I love my dog, Lonna, dearly and searched to find her an extraordinary trainer that could bridge some gaps, and move Lonna and I forward to be a good solid team;  a successful happy team.  Jamie has given Lonna and me her timeless devotion, patience, availability, exceptional and creative training methods, as well as help Lonna and I deepen our bond to move confidently through life and to try new things. Thank you, Jamie Shellington from the bottom of my heart. ”                                                 —Kris D. w/Lonna

“The classes were so fun! Glory tries to get into the training room every time we come to the kennel; he obviously has fun! Small classes were good for lots of individual attention and the classes were well planned. I’ve never seen such in-depth handouts-if you forgot something the handouts easily get you back on track. A lot of work and concern went into this program. Watching Jamie change the behavior of a dog and teaching owners is a joy, she knows what she’s doing. I’m sure Glory and I will be working on Stay, Recall, etc for awhile, and having fun doing it!”
— Carolyn F. w/Glory