Positive Dog Training

Fetch! Enrichment Program

The Fetch! Enrichment program is receiving “4 paws up” from SDTC clients! Suitable for dogs of any breed, size, and age, this enrichment program is designed to provide the mental and physical stimulation dogs need every day. Perfect for dogs with energy to burn who enjoy learning!

In the Fetch! program I will guide you and your your dog through a variety of activities that are designed to encourage him to think, explore, and gain confidence. Each Fetch! session is 20-30 minutes and allows your dog to experience new and fun things in a positive and encouraging environment. Activities range from agility themed exercises, scent games, tricks, and more.

The Fetch! Enrichment Program is open to dogs of all ages and breeds. Training experience is not required for these sessions. Simply call or email me to schedule your session Tuesday through Thursday (Friday availability coming in November, 2017). Sessions are scheduled on a week by week basis; no required number of sessions need be scheduled.

Price:  $18/session

Please call or email me for more details and scheduling information