Positive Dog Training

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten 1: Head Start Program

This six week class is for puppies eight weeks to sixteen weeks of age. Many changes occur during this time so because of the sensitivity of very young puppies we do not mix them with older puppies. Our puppy classes are organized with puppies’ ages in mind ensuring a more comfortable and encouraging environment for everyone.

Over the course of the six weeks we will teach your puppy to “learn how to learn” while also teaching you how to communicate with him in a positive way. This class is centered on giving both puppy and owner the best possible start to their relationship. There is a crucial window during puppy-hood where socialization is paramount! Proper socialization with puppies has a direct impact on what type of adult dog they will become. We spend ample time on how to positively socialize your puppy to new places, people, objects, and other dogs to ensure he sees the world and everything in it in a positive light. Additional discussion topics include proper house training and crate training, proper handling skills, mouthing and nipping, canine body language and appropriate playing, and how to properly discourage unwanted behaviors. The program also covers teaching fundamental behaviors in preparation for basic manners, including Sit, Down, and developing your puppy’s impulse control. This is a great foundation class for you and your puppy’s developing relationship and one of the most important training classes for you both to take

Saturdays: 8:30am-9:30am Held at main facility-these are semi-private group classes -Price: $130

1. February 24th-April 14th (no class on 3/3 or 3/31) – registration open– limited space available

2. April 28th-June 9th (no class 5/26) – registration open– 4 spots remaining

Saturdays: Noon-1pm Held at Oxford Feed and Lumber- Price: $120                   

Please contact Oxford Feed and Lumber directly at: 610.932.8521 for schedules and to register for classes held at their facility.

Class start times are subject to change.
As classes fill, additional class times may be made available.

Puppy Kindergarten 2: Foundation Program

For puppies 16 weeks to 22 weeks of age. This 4 week program is designed to pick up where the Head Start Program ends. Puppy interaction and socialization is still important during this time but our focus shifts to also include more foundation behaviors and problem solving any developing puppy issues. We focus on loose leash walking, waiting at doors and for food, developing your puppy’s recall reliability as well as how to incorporate mental stimulation and structured activities into your puppy’s daily routine. Other topics include: troubleshooting topics, progressing learned behaviors, appropriate playing at this age and what that looks like, what to expect as our puppies move into adolescence, and much more. You did not have to attend Puppy K 1 to attend this class, all puppies are welcome.

Price: $90

Saturday Class Schedule:  Please contact me for class information and scheduling for this program.   

Class start times are subject to change.
As classes fill, additional class times may be made available.

Please call or email Jamie for more information or to register for classes.