Puppy Socialization Home Visits

So you just adopted a puppy and now you have to go to work and leave him home alone. The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life are the most critical in exposing him to the world around him. Missing out on this crucial phase in your puppy’s development can lead to future issues with coping with change and becoming a confident, well-rounded adult. With our new Puppy Socialization Home Visit service, I will come to your home and not only take your puppy out for a walk and potty break but I will take your puppy out and properly socialize him. I will gently and positively expose him to different places and environments, sounds, objects, textures, and more. If there is anything your puppy may be overly cautious about, I will focus our effort on helping your puppy to see that “scary thing” as something positive. Please Note: This service helps to supplement your efforts of socializing your puppy, it should not be the only socialization your puppy receives. Socialization should be done daily.

Services offered Tuesday-Thursday

Service Fee: $50 per hour visit plus $.50 per mile for any travel

For clients enrolled in our Puppy Kindergarten Programs:                                                                                                 $35 per hour visit plus $.50 per mile for any travel

Please call or email us for more information at: speakingdogtrainingco@gmail.com